Seelenquell's LOCOMOTION-models

vehicles and other stuff for the best game ever made - Locomotion (by Chris Sawyer)

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Frequently asked questions
Q: how did you convert these models from msts? they aren`t converted, these models were made poly-by-poly from myself with a 3d-render-program.
Q: but how did you convert these models? they AREN'T converted!
Q: How do i install the locomotion-mods? A: if they have the extension "dat", copy them to the ObjData-Folder of your locomotion-install.
it can happen, that thereīs a messagebox asking you whether you want to overwrite existing files or not. simply press "yes" (only, if you have a backup of your original-DATs available..). after copy (re-)start locomotion. if you copied new vehicles in there, start a new scenario. if you copied only newer versions of older vehicles you can try to start a saved scenario. remember to once sell these vehicles and rebuy them, just to make sure, all updates are gonna read correctly by locomotion.
Q: how reliable are they? will they break down? A: most - if not all - models donīt break down. their reliability is set to 0, which means that they never break down.
Q: do you have the ok from the author to convert them? A: wtf?!?! they AREN'T converted! i am the creator myself!
Q: is it possible to use more than 224 different vehicles in a scenario? not until now..
Q: Where are the other FAQ's? A: There arenīt any more of them right now, cause iīm not in the mood. But iīm sure, there will be an update soon. So be sure to check back often.
Q: are these models or other mods for locomotion available elsewhere? A: thereīs a chinese site which sells my models (if you`re dumb enough you can buy my models, which are for free here, there..) . thereīs . thereīs . and thereīs . and there are others too i donīt remember atm.